African cichlids for sale under price lists.    I am still having problems adding pictures on the price list. New fish available include albino red empress, split gene red empress and aulonocara sp. Chitande turquoise " Turkis". We also have some extra males of Cyprichromis leptosoma Kitumba.


Shipping is available to IL, WI, NE, IA and MN for $30 per any size box. Will ship UPS or Fedex if you provide the shipping label anywhere in the US. I no longer have discounted rates with Fedex or UPS and their rates are very high to the normal public. Also I no longer wish to ship USPS postal as they no longer seem to be able to ship over night with any reasonable chance to get there on time and they have no guarantee of their freight charges for all live animals unless it is more than 3 days late.  


Adam K. sent me a couple real good videos of fish he has purchased from me you got to see. Very nice job !!! The link is in the videos section. You can also see some of the terrible videos I did on you tube under "Boesters Cichlids".


George sent me a better pic of a Lwanda, Javier sent a better pic of an Albus and Bill sent me a pic of the Phenochilus, all fish purchased from me, and they gave me permission to use their pics as mine were not very good. The albus is a little blurry but still better than the one I took.  

Please visit our Aulonocara Picture Gallery.  I will add as I get good pics to post. These are all fish we currently have and are breeding except the albino and red Ngara.  

Don't miss reading Chuck Rambo's adventures in Africa on his Malawi trip to Stuart Grant's place or his trip Tanganyika. You can view the links by clicking on Toby's camp and more. See what luxury is like. Not !  These pictures are courtesy of Chuck. 

Our stock and price list is current as of 1/10/17. Please do not use our pictures without our consent.

Please visit our parrotlet website. We also raise white bellied caiques.

Thank you,
Rick and Monica

Loves Park, Illinois


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