African cichlids for sale under the Malawi and Tanganyikan price lists.   


Adam K. sent me a couple real good videos of fish he has purchased from me you got to see. Very nice job !!! The link is in the videos section. You can also see some of the terrible videos I did on you tube under "Boesters Cichlids".


Our standard blurb:
Payment has to be received by Friday to ship the following week. Orders and availability are worked out via emails. Our stock changes sizes frequently as we only breed and grow our own fish. We do not buy and resell so the stock we have listed are the only fish we sell. If  paying via paypal, it has to be sent as "a friend or relative" as I do not get involved with paypal's charges.  If paying by  money order, please advise and I'll send you our address to send it to.  We  do not accept credit card payments. Freight charges are added to the cost of  the fish. We ship over night shipments Monday thru Wed., what ever day works best for you. Unfortunately the only method available at present is with USPS outside Il, Wi, Mn Ia, Ne and metro St. Louis. USPS does not guarantee the freight charges for live animals unless it is more than 3 days late. I can fit up to 9 3" fish per standard box, more on smaller fish and less on larger fish.
We will ship if a customer has discounted rates with UPS or FEDEx under their label or their companies label and we can ship via UPS or FedEx but no longer have discounted rates to pass on.
We guarantee live arrival if the fish are delivered the next day. If any mishap take a pic of the dead fish in the bag and send it to us that same day. We reserve the right to refund or replace, our choice. We normally do not ship in weather below 40 degrees. 

We can ship overnight to Mn, Ia, Ne, Il, Wi and St. Louis metro area for $30 per box, no size restriction. Weather restrictions above still apply.

I have some new pictures. As many people have expressed, I have not always been able to capture the beauty of some of the fish. I am not good with the camera and still use my old disc camera on most pics. I have a couple others, one being brand new but that doesn't help.Taking good pics is truly an art to itself. If I can get a decent picture I will post it. One fish that has eluded me from taking a good picture,and several others I might add, is the Red Fin Lethrinops marginatus. No one has been able to capture the red sheen that covers the turquoise.

George sent me a better pic of a Lwanda, Javier sent a better pic of an Albus and Bill sent me a pic of the Phenochilus, all fish purchased from me, and they gave me permission to use their pics as mine were not very good. The albus is a little blurry but still better than the one I took.  

Please visit our Aulonocara Picture Gallery.  I will add as I get good pics to post. These are all fish we currently have and are breeding except the albino and red Ngara.  

The  Synodontis multipunctatus breeding trials are over. The clear winner is the Aulonocara "eurekas" peacock.     

Take a look at this wild Cyphotilapia frontosa Mpimbwe blue ! I have had a lot of wild Mpimbwe frontosa but I do believe this is the best I have seen. Unfortunately, I am out of fry at his time. 

Cyphotilapia frontosa Mpimbwe blue

   Don't miss reading Chuck Rambo's adventures in Africa on his Malawi trip to Stuart Grant's place or his trip Tanganyika. You can view the links by clicking on Toby's camp and more. See what luxury is like. Not !  These pictures are courtesy of Chuck. 

Our stock and price list is current as of 10/18/14. Please do not use our pictures without our consent.

Please visit our parrotlet website. We also raise white bellied caiques.

Thank you,
Rick and Monica

Loves Park, Illinois


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